At MyVaxCard we are passionate about giving you back control of your life.  We produce a card that lets you show the world that you have had your vaccination.  Enjoy your life with friends, at the gym, at restaurants, everywhere with the confidence that you and others can show your vaccination,.

How it works

We take your information, do a quick validation, and send you a MyVaxCard.  Your card shows the world you've been vaccinated.  If you need to show someone the actual CDC card, we give you the power to scan the QR code and display the actual CDC card which you submitted.  Simple, fast easy and private.


I've gotten my vaccination - now what?

My CDC card is just paper - what if its damaged or I lose it?

The solution - MyVaxCardTM

Safe and secure control of your vaccine  information to enable a life worth living. 

  • Secure - encrypted and protected

  • Private - no data sharing

  • Portable - cloud hosted application allows 24/7 access to your info - ANYWHERE

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